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Dismantling Evan 

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Evangeline ‘Evan’ Phillips moves halfway across the country with her parents to the quaint town of Braxton Springs, Texas. It is a chance for Evan to leave her past in San Francisco and start over; at least that’s what her parents think. The loner high school senior doesn't share their optimism and she’s determined to remain invisible in her new school and neighborhood. Little does she know that it won’t go as planned. 

Venessa Kimball’s Dismantling Evan (The Evan Series, Book 1) offers an edgy perception on teen troubles that could threaten one’s will to live. Evan unwillingly gets tangled with the unsettling matters of the lives of those around her. This makes Evan’s own problem rear its head and she struggles to hold on to her sanity.

Dismantling Evan is a story that engages the minds and the hearts of its readers from start to finish. Looking at mental illness and other troubling matters through the young characters' eyes is a rewarding insight. Even though Evan is the lead character that moves the story, I gravitated towards Gavin more. He is greatly misunderstood, but lucky to have some people who comprehend and accept him, especially his brother, Brody.

Kimball writes with precision, clarity, and style that makes the reading flawless. The controversial social issues and the way the characters struggle and deal with them are relevant as well as challenging. On the whole, this is a YA literary work that belies its genre. Young and mature readers should not overlook this series.

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