Meet the Characters of the Piercing the Fold Series 

Wanted to dish about some of the  prominent characters in the series. 


Jesca Gershon-Sera-  New Dobrian guardian.  Female protagonist, main character.   Independent, strong willed, college student.  Athletic; runner.  Dark brown hair; long and wavy.  Hazel eyes.  Olive skin tone.  5 ft 7.  Home town is Marietta,  Georgia.

Ezra Kahn-  Dobrian guardian/mentor to Jesca.  Professor of the sciences (astonomy, physics). Copper brown, unruly  hair with some graying.  In his mid-40s.  Light brown eyes. Medium build. about 6ft.

Elisha Montgomery-  Jesca's best friend back in Marietta, GA .  Free spirited,  feisty, and  rebellious.  5 ft 3.  Petite. Penny red, curly hair.  Light blue eyes. Light skin tone. 


Roan Sera- Jesca's adoptive father.  Blue eyes.  5 ft 8.  Graying  medium  brown hair. Light skin tone.

Delilah Sera- Jesca's adoptive mother.  Brown eyes.  5t 3.  Dark brown hair, no gray-surely dyed. Light skin tone.

Anna Gershon- Jesca's biological mother. Dobrian guardian.   Hazel eyes like Jesca's.  Dark brown  hair. Medium olive skin tone.  5ft 9.  Killed in a “so called” accident.  


Nathaniel (Nate)  Sera- New Dobrian guardian.  Son of Julius and Simone Sera. Light golden brown. Clean cut wavy hair.  Striking, hazel eyes( more blue than green).  About 6ft.  Lean and muscular; swimmer physique.  Olive skin tone. Jesca is "linked" to Nate.  Level headed. 

Sebastian Onoch-  Physicist working for US government.  5ft 9.  Slender physique.  Graying dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Light skin tone. Creator of the copula.  Original Dobrian guardian.

Balthazar Onoch-  Sebastian's youngest son.  Brown hair. Blue eyes. Light, pale skin tone.   Highly intelligent,  A little antisocial and precocious. Rebellious side in his college years. Accomplished accolades in college for physics work overseas in London.   Wanting to become his father's protégé.  Sebastian denies him. He creates his own path; a destructive path. Original Sondian guardian.

Caleb Onoch-  Sebastian's eldest son.  Athletic. Social butterfly. Intelligent.  Sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Light skin tone.  No evident involvement in either  guardianship. Attended college with brother Balthazar in London.  


Angela Turner- New Dobrian  guardian from Dallas, Texas.  Very thin.  5ft 4.   Blond hair.  Blue eyes that appear too big for her face. Light skin tone.  Nervous disposition and a little mousey.

Nicholas (Nick)  Getty-  New Dobrian guardian from New York.  Just shy of 6ft.  Muscular build, like a football player.  The clown of the bunch.  Blue eyes.  Blonde hair. Light skin tone.

Sobhian Cronin-   Dobrian guardian and  mentor to Angela Turner.  Slender and muscular. Long, straight,  dark auburn hair.  Blue eyes.  Pale skin tone. All business. Rarely jokes around.  Objective driven.  Highly competitive.


Jacob (Jake) Tanner-  Dobrian guardian and mentor to Nick.   Similar build to Nick’s.   Jake has dark brown hair and dark eyes.  Light skin tone. Friendly and social. 

Luke Walker-  Dobrian guardian and mentor to Nate.  6ft.  2.  Dark brown hair.  Tan skin tone.   Honey colored eyes.  Very even keel and level headed.  Lean  muscular build.

Samson (Sam) Crest- Sondian guardian.  Jack of all trades for Balthazar.  Wealthy entreprenuer.  Business owner of two popular Miami clubs, Club Helion and Club Meridian.  Adoptive father to Xander.  Keeping secrets from Xander about his involvement with a certain fellowship. 5 ft 10.  Graying brown hair.  Grey eyes. 

Alexander (Xander ) Crest-  Sam Crest's right hand man and adopted son. Manager of Club Helion  in Miami, Florida.   Biological son of Dane and Rebecca Sera. Confident demeanor.  Dark brown wavy hair. Striking, light hazel eyes( more green than blue).  Olive skin tone.  Medium  muscular build.  6ft 1.  Curious about his past and his mysterious adoptive father, Sam.

 Corinna Cain-  Befriends  Jesca in Miami.  Free spirit, fun loving, and spontaneous.  Long wavy red hair. Light blue eyes.   Reminds Jesca of Elisha.


 Mrs. Olivia (Ms. Olivia) Walker-   Bookstore owner in Miami. Dobrian guardian. Older woman; in her 70s. Salt and pepper hair.  Long, but always up in a bun or a braid.  Tan skin tone. Honey colored eyes. 

 Bethany Sera-  Jesca's sister. Biological daughter to Roan and Delilah Sera.  Straight medium brown hair.  Deep blue eyes. light skin tone.  5ft 2.


 The Copula- Sebastian originated the Copula. The Copula is the size of a half dollar.  The exterior is made of shatter proof material.  The interior of the Copula has a very tediously design. 

The workings inside resembled that of a clock; a copper disc shaped in a concave nature with a stabilized motor smaller than that of a black bean.  Atop that is a spinning gear axis with two arms or rods with paddle like discs the size of a lentil off shooting the rods.  The motion of the arms of the Copula are propelled by electric current from an external force. Once propulsion begins, the arms form a  figure- eight motion.  This energy synthesizes with the energy within the body due to the copper conductivity between the Copula and that within the body.  The exterior force and interior force synchronize and become one large object of antigravity. The catch; synthesis can only happen with the body when it has an external charge.  It needs a jump start.”   There are 2 Copula generations currently.  This object/ mechanism is portable and is also implanted under the dermis. 

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