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Featuring ALL-NEW novelettes by Cara Cee, Rosie East, Michelle Fernandez, Kim Findlay, Lyla Grace, Elizabeth Miller, Loni Ree, A. S. Roberts, Jade Royal, Willow Sanders, Kate Stacy, S.L. Sterling, and Venessa Kimball writing as V. Angelika
Tis the season…to be naughty! The gifts are wrapped, and under the tree, and all the holiday baking is done. Now it's time for you to hang up your stockings and relax with a cup of hot cocoa and this steamy collection of holiday stories sure to tantalize your senses and set your holiday ablaze. Stockings were Hung is a limited-time anthology! Grab your copy today!





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It’s been a long Fall semester for Allison Brown, student at Georgetown University. Her

roommate and best friend found her Jordanian royalty soulmate, married him, and left her

behind in a two-bedroom apartment. Allison’s boyfriend, whom she thought adored her, was

caught cheating. And the classes she’d chosen to boost her med school dreams are adding

more pressure to an already lonely and depressing year.

As the semester comes to an end, all Allison wants is to go home for the holidays and be with

her family. But those hopes are obliterated when a Nor’easter hits the east coast, leaving her

stranded in a freezing, empty apartment. With no foreseen end of the mounting snowstorm,

Allison ventures out in search of food and supplies, and finds instead the one person she’d gone

to great lengths to avoid all semester – Mason McKnight, the god of a man she almost had a

one-night stand with … and her professor.

Now, stranded together in the snowstorm of the century, there’s no way to avoid their growing

attraction, and the temptation to finish what they started “that night” could be too hard to resist.

As the snowstorm relentlessly hammers Washington, D.C., so does the intensifying hunger and

heart-pounding desire Mason and Allison can no longer deny, making the coldest winter yet,

hotter and riskier than either of them could fathom.




Welcome to Gideon House. A quintessential Victorian masterpiece, with a presence bold enough to bolster a deeply rooted family dynasty, draw in the curiosities of its legacy and sustain the darkest secrets brimming within its exquisitely aged walls.


Isabel Prado has been offered a job too good to refuse. All expenses paid and an extremely generous salary to care for the elderly Mrs. Joan Gideon - a renowned author and award-winning screenwriter of mysteries and the macabre, now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.


As Isabel moves into Gideon House to care for the matriarch of the estate, she’s hopeful this opportunity will give her the security she’s been seeking all her life. But both Gideon House and its inhabitants are hiding sinister secrets … secrets that are slowly unleashing a trail of terrifying supernatural manifestations before Isabel’s eyes.


As Mrs. Gideon’s mind deteriorates under Isabel’s care, Isabel must determine if the ailing widow is conjuring the menagerie of horrific hallucinations through her broken mind to unveil the mysteries kept hidden within Gideon House, or if it’s Isabel’s own sanity splintering, bringing forth her haunting past she thought she left buried years ago.