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Dismantling Evan 
Young Adult Contemporary Fiction
Stand-Alone Novel
With Supplement Novelettes and Novela 
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Life is unstable... …What will be the trigger to dismantle it? When high school senior Evangeline "Evan" Phillips moves half way across the country with her parents to a quaint town in Texas, it should be a chance to start over. It should be. Typical of Evan, she doesn’t share her parents’ optimism. Always the loner, she is prepared to hide behind work at the school newspaper until graduation. That is the seemingly bulletproof plan until she meets her new neighbors, Gavin and Brody Ferguson. The more Evan gets to know her neighbors, their band of friends, and frenemies, the more unsettling her new high school and community gets in Braxton Springs, Texas. As Evan unwittingly digs deeper into the lives of those around her, her own skeletons begin to surface leaving her vulnerable and scrambling to keep her own sanity and reputation. Will Evan be able to get control over her spiraling secrets while discovering friendship and love for the first time? Or will the issues and pressures of life as a band of not-so-average teens in a very typical high school become too much, resulting in the tragic dismantlement of an entire community and Evan herself? Dismantling Evan is a fresh and edgy snapshot of how life as a teen in modern society can be unstable and the social issues and pressures revolving around them can tip the fleeting stability of teen's lives over the edge.
NOTE: If you are sensitive to discussions of mental illness, bullying, as well as school violence, please be aware that the content of this book contains all of these themes.


- A trigger was pulled. A tragedy was realized. A boy displaced. Can Gavin be saved or will he be forever lost? -
When Gavin Ferguson reached his breaking point, he dismantled everyone in his wake.
The bullying, the secrets, his father’s death, how he was different; it was all too much to bear. In his mind, the trigger was set and needed to be pulled.
Saving Gavin delves into the now displaced mind of Gavin as he is admitted to Pembroke Psychiatric Center after a tragic event at his high school. The question is can he be saved after such a dismantling trauma or is he forever lost?

*Saving Gavin is a companion novelette in the Evan series, following the Amazon best-selling full-length novel, Dismantling Evan. *


- A tragedy was realized. A boy has been displaced. Now he has a battle to restore his sanity. Can Gavin resurrect his traumatized mind and get back home? -
A three month resident of the Pembroke Psychiatric Center following a traumatic dismantling event, Gavin Ferguson is starting to feel more like himself again. He has even made a friend at the center. Gavin thinks he is is well on his way to healing until his inner self takes a detour once again leaving him a relative stranger in his own mind.
Will Gavin be able to find his way back to himself, or is resurrecting his mind beyond the bounds of possibility?
*Resurrecting Gavin is a companion novelette in the Evan series, following the novelette, Saving Gavin*


***Bonus Material: SAVING GAVIN and RESURRECTING GAVIN are included in  the special edition print paperback***


Just a few short weeks after the school shooting that rocked Braxton Springs, life has resumed. School is back in session, and, with it, the students who bullied Gavin Ferguson into bringing a gun to that fateful pep rally. But life can never return to normal for Evan and her friends. Gavin is still in the hospital. Asher and Nikki are planning futures away from home. And Brody is pulling away from them all, leaving Evan feeling more alone than ever. Just when she thinks she’s gotten control of her emotions and secrets, the spirals strike again. Evan struggles to regain her life free of medication and control the urges to fall back into dismantlement. But Brody’s hot-and-cold attitude confuses her, just as the community’s forgiveness to the bullying elite creates a bitter rock around her heart. Will the suffering inflicted upon Evan and her friends throw her back into a spiral, threatening the life she has rebuilt for herself? Or will she rise above the tragedy and loss, reviving the life she thought she could never have? Reviving Evan offers an insightful look into the lives of six teenagers thrust together by shared grief, and how those lives are individually affected by love, loss, and painful mistreatment by others.

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