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The Copula Chronicles
Sci-Fi Urban Fantasy Thriller Series

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“An origin is supposed to be the beginning of everything, but I fear it’s the end ... for me ... for all of us. My name is Jesca Sera. My reality has been pierced and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again.” ~ Jesca Jesca’s life is full of averages: average childhood, average family, average part-time job while she attends college. Life is predictable, controlled, consistent, just the way she likes it, until average begins to transform into an extraordinary power within her that can no longer be contained.The seemingly harmless nightmares of her youth have brought sinister intention into her waking hours. A minor trick of the eye, a simple flicker of light, becomes vivid hallucinations intent on terrorizing her. And just when Jesca feels her stronghold with reality slip away, a trusted adviser reveals his true self, sending her further into her fear and questioning her shifting sanity. Confronting him is the only answer, and when she does, Jesca is faced with an inconceivable explanation as to why her life is turning upside down: she is destined to be a keeper of our world, tasked with saving humanity from an apocalyptic catastrophe. Upon learning her purpose, Jesca is thrust into a new world of guardianship. She must hone her newfound abilities, for they are the life-blood of survival for her, the tribe of guardians, and the entire world.About: The Copula Chronicles, Origin, is a roller coaster ride straight into a speculative yet plausible unreality intent on spinning you around in an alternate origin of a world threatened by genetic engineering and devices that travel within space and time. Your reality will be turned upside down as Jesca and the guardians are faced with the techno-thriller plausibility of what our world and its inhabitants could possess within. When the fight comes to our world, you will find yourself planted in a new reality of weighty urban fantasy with profound thought-provoking conspiracies of the spiritual and scientific link to our existence, and what our world may become now that Jesca’s new reality has been set into motion. Strap in for the ride.

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“A descendant of the architect pierced my reality, leaving me and the others the responsibility to inherit the earth, then save it from those we never fathomed existed among us. My name is Jesca Sera. My reality has been pierced, and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again.” ~ Jesca
Corruption of our world is spreading, threatening the evolution of the entire galaxy. Conspiracies to save or destroy humankind give strength to an impending catastrophic event. And salvation lies in the hands of fractured guardians who have inherited the earth.
Jesca has accepted her fate as a keeper of the world, and will do anything to win this war. But when the lines between ally and enemy are blurred, and her growing attraction to the two men fighting for her heart spirals out of control, everyone is left vulnerable.
Jesca and her fellow guardians’ fortitude is further tested when their battle for earth takes them to the far reaches of Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, where the mysticism it covets brings weighted supernatural challenges they could never have anticipated. The predestined links she and the guardians share have the power to keep them safe or send them into a tailspin of sacrifices that may destroy them all.
About: The Copula Chronicles, Descend, pulls you deeper into the inherited reality Jesca and her newfound clan of guardians are forced to surrender to in order to save the earth and humankind. The reality of genetic manipulation, ancient myths and theories, and the immediate threat of extraterrestrial abduction and invasion are revealed in this second installment of the Copula Chronicles. Edge-of-your seat conspiracies paired with dramatic mystery, suspense, and sacrifices are fulfilled in this spiraling global cataclysm Jesca and the guardians are faced with at every turn.

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“With the breach of our world by those intent on invading it, a veil has been opened, giving way to the evolution we needed to stop. Now, I must ascend this veil that has released boundless evil into our world. This inheritance I possess is the key to a legacy bestowed to me, one that I have not yet discovered. My name is Jesca Sera. My reality has been pierced, and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again.” ~ Jesca
The global invasion has begun, threatening the evolution of mankind. Evil is seeping into the world through the veil, a celestial barrier meant to separate our universe from all others. And the only ones who can seal it are trapped in a fight for their own lives.
Two of the men in Jesca’s life have made the ultimate sacrifice in a daring attempt to save her from near death. The fate of Ezra and Nate is dismal unless Jesca, Xander, and the other guardians can find a way to rescue them. Saving them means finding a way to close the ethereal veil separating the world from the evil that lies beyond it.
To do so, Jesca must ascend beyond the veil, where malignant illusions turn allies against one another and nothing is as it seems. Only one truth among the illusions is bestowed to Jesca: the celestial inheritance from her ancestors, along with the prophecy of what is to come. Now she must learn to use this vision to save the guardians, or the entire world will fall.
About: The Copula Chronicles, Ascend, takes you beyond the veil of our world and into one beholding the supernatural, spiritual, psychological and techno-thrilling futurism in terrifyingly perfect harmony. Your own reality will be threatened as you face haunting illusions meant to confuse and terrorize Jesca as she battles the global invasion the evolution of mankind. As the fight for survival edges closer to insanity, you will discover the heartbreaking reality Jesca must face, and feel the weight of her sacrifices as she discovers her true fate.


“I have returned to an evolved earth. A place I no longer recognize. A self I no longer recognize. My name is Jesca Sera. My reality has been pierced, and it is with absolute certainty that nothing will ever be the same in our world again. One thing is certain. I hold the blueprint of our salvation.” ~ Jesca
Jesca and the guardians have returned from beyond the veil, to a world that has fallen apart in their absence. A galactic intersection, the following climatic shifts, and rigorous genetic manipulation has destroyed the earth’s remaining populous. Humankind is being invaded, occupied, and destroyed under their invisible reign.
The beings’ intent? To possess our world and stop the other guardians from fulfilling the legacy that could save us all. Now, ushered into a world devolved into darkness, Jesca must utilize what she’s learned of her ancient bloodline, supernatural legacy, and link between the guardians to save them all.
With only Jesca’s visions of what this ancient legacy holds for them, the guardians depend on the divining glimpses of her ancestry to put them on the path leading to salvation. Will the obstacles be too great for them to overcome, or will Jesca find the courage and strength to help them all fulfill their destinies?
About: The Copula Chronicles, Legacy, is the final installment in this edge-of-your-seat urban fantasy, science-fiction-fused series. Kimball holds nothing back in her arsenal of spine-tingling, mind-boggling, thought-provoking, mystery-seeking, and heart-pounding content to bring the Copula Chronicles to full circle. Gear up for a race to save the entire galaxy, overcoming a populous destroyed by climactic shifts and rigorous genetic manipulation to fulfill an ancient world-saving legacy.


The entire collection of the Copula Chronicles. All four books in one. 

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