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  • Venessa Kimball

Steal the Moon Release Day! It's LIVE!


Steal the Moon, the final book in my Romantic Suspense series- Crossing Stars Duet- is finally here!

If you're looking to read a series with forbidden love, romance, culture clash, royalty, adventure, betrayal, tragedy, loss, redemption, and resilience to fight for love against all odds, then this one is for you!

I hope you enjoy reading this duet as much as I enjoyed writing it




Steal the Moon is the conclusion to the suspense-filled contemporary romance Crossing Stars Duet series that began with Cross the Stars.

Raj and Ella crossed the ill-fated stars for a forbidden love, jeopardizing everything for one another. But what if the dangers ahead are too great, the tragedies too painful, the threats too deadly to save true love? Would you steal the moon and sacrifice everything, even yourself, to rescue the love of your life?

The cruel fate that divided Raj and Ella has come for them with a vengeance, destiny wrought with cruel twists and brutal turns intent on keeping them apart. Devastating deceptions, unimaginable betrayal, and inconceivable secrets are the relentless framework of their fight against fate. With so much against them, will they have enough strength to see the destiny they’ve created by crossing the stars, or will Raj and Ella’s turbulent relationship and love succumb to a tragic end?

Reminiscent of the timeless stories of love against all odds, Raj and Ella's story is one of rebellion and sacrifice–giving all of yourself to claim the love and destiny you desire, no matter the cost.


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