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  • Venessa Kimball

Exclusive Excerpt from Steal the Moon

Steal the Moon, Book 2 in the Crossing Stars Duet

RELEASES May 11, 2021


“Raj.” My voice sounds thick and heavy, slow, as I stare into darkness, my arms outstretched to empty air. The pain in the dream doesn’t compare to the agony that strikes home as I bring my hands to the sides of my head. Two large hands come to my shoulders, forcing me back down to the bed I’m on. The hands aren’t gentle.

“He’s not here.” Neither is the cutting baritone voice that breaks the silence.

I know the voice and I force myself to open my eyes against the nausea flipping my stomach. The outline of him from the moonlit window doesn’t give him away, but I don’t need to see him to know it’s Prince Zaid.

“He’s been taken,” he says, the stench of alcohol wafting from him as he speaks. The pain in my head returns with vengeance and I have to close my eyes. The pounding of my heart beats in time with the pulsating pain stabbing my brain. I feel like I’m sinking into the pillow, the bed engulfing me as I try to speak.

“You, you…”

I want to tell him he did it. He took him away, but the words I’m trying to form don’t leave my lips. He comes close and the heat of his breath is on my cheek. What is he doing? Fearful, I open my eyes to see his wide onyx eyes looking into mine only inches from my face. He growls, “You’ve created a mess. Khalaq Fawdaa!”

I hold my breath and turn my face away from him, but he grasps my chin between his rough fingers and turns me to him. I wince against his tightened grip on my chin as he holds me still. “You’ll listen to me,” he hisses, his fingers moving from my chin to the hollows of my cheeks. I can’t help the whimper I release as his grip tightens and he seethes, “The throne was supposed to be mine, not Rajaa’s. I’m the first-born son. He’s the part-time son. The one only returning home to receive all of the rewards of my hard work! All the things I’ve earned!”

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